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How to Download Youtube Videos Download Videos from Youtube on Computer, Laptop

To Youtube Downloader Online to your computer you have two options, the first is to use software such as IDM, YouTube Downloader or Cok Coc browser, the second way is to download Youtube video online. Depending on the computer configuration as well as the speed of your Internet connection, you choose one of the two ways to download Youtube to your computer.



* Download Youtube video without the included software
+ Replace "www" with "ss"
Use the online tool savemedia.com
+ Use en.savefrom.net
+ Use clipconverter.cc
* Download Youtube video with YouTube Downloader
* Download Youtube video in Coc Cốc browser
* Download Youtube Videos Ad-on Firefox
* Download Youtube video by IDM (Internet Download Manager)
It's not wrong to say that IDM is one of the most powerful and widely used data download software today. You can use this utility to download videos available on video sharing sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion or MetaCafe. But there is another specialized software to download Youtube video is simple with fast download speed
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Actually, there are many ways to download youtube video, so that users do not have the "noise" information, we send to readers two popular options to download videos on Youtube is the USING SOFTWARE download videos from Youtube and download Youtube video DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE.


HOW TO: Download videos from Youtube by adding "ss" to the URL of the video
First you visit the Youtube homepage, select the youtube video you want to view and download. At this point in the address bar will display the URL (or link) of the Video.

To download videos without using the software, replace "https: // www." with "ss" before the URL of the video. When you replace the URL address will display the new link as follows

At this point, the system will automatically redirect your page to the download page. Click download is the system will automatically download YouTube video on your computer
tai video tu youtube

HOW TO: Download Youtube Videos using Savemedia

You open the Youtube video to download to the computer. On the URL, you leave Youtube

And instead of savemedia -> go to the new URL instead

You can choose to download Youtube video to computer with different quality or download the audio file of the video.

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