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How to download Vimeo video to Android phone

Vimeo is a famous American video sharing network. If in Vietnam we know more about Youtube than Vimeo. In today's post 9mobi please share with you tutorials download Vimeo video to Android phone details.


Vimeo is still one of the most popular video-sharing networks in a number of European and Asian countries. However, in Vietnam, the number of people who know and use Vimeo is not high. But if you are a Vimeo follower, it's not easy to view and download videos directly on your Android phone. The following article 9mobi would like to show you how to download Vimeo video to Android phone as quickly as possible.

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Download Youtube video on Android to help you save the video, clips or compelling, but have not had time to review on the iPhone or Android phone. There are many to download Youtube video, if you have not found the most effective way, please refer to the tutorial video download YouTube youtube on Android that we introduced previously on 9mobi.vn.

How to download Vimeo video to Android phone

How to download Vimeo video to your Android phone do the following:

Step 1 . Download the Tubemate app installer for your Android phone.

- Download Tubemate for Android here: Download Tubemate for Android

Step 2 . Open the Tubemate application, at the main interface you click on the icon 3 dash left above the application> select Vimeo> now click on the search icon and enter search video you want to download.

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Step 3 . If you want to download the video, click on the arrow icon located in the red box at the bottom of the application> then select the video quality and click on the Download video icon.

Step 4 . Now that the video has been downloaded, please wait for the download to finish.

Just a few simple steps with the Tubemate application is that you can download Vimeo videos to Android phones successfully. After download Vimeo video you can refer to the article introducing the top 5 best video player software on Android to be able to choose the best video player on Android.