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Guide to download Facebook video on iOS, Android phone

The vast space on Facebook is not only where we can chat, make friends with many people, but also share all information such as photos, videos to friends in the list. In addition, if we want to Facebook video download to the computer or phone is relatively easy to simply click on the image only.

But to download videos on Facebook iPhone, Android, how to do? For computers, to download any video on Facebook will be supported by the tools or online services we've covered in lesson 2 on how to download Facebook videos to a computer without software. . What about the Facebook app on Android and iOS? In the article below, Network Administrator will guide you how to download Facebok video on iPhone, Android phone.


1. How to download Facebook video to iPhone:

To be able to download videos on the Facebook app for iOS, we will install the MyMedia app. Any video after the download is complete will appear in the Media section of the application. We will see it immediately on the video player of the application.

Step 1:

You first download the MyMedia application under the link below.

Download the MyMedia app for iOS
Then, you launch the app on your device and have the look and feel of the app as a web browser. The Media section will be where all your videos are stored. We will run the video from this folder.

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Step 2:

You open the Facebook app on your device and open the video you want to download from Facebook. In the video player interface on Facebook, press and hold the video then the options appear, click Copy Link to copy the live URL of the video to the iOS clipboard.

Step 3:

You open the MyMedia app in your device. We enter and access the savefrom.net address. At the white box Enter the URL, paste the URL of the Facebook video here. Then, click the right arrow icon next to the video URL bar to decode the video link.

Step 4:

Soon after, we will see the interface Download video on Facebook. Depending on the video we can get the option of downloading HD or SD format. You click the blue drop down arrow to add the format for the video you want to download. Optional video format downloadable device.

Step 5:

After selecting the downloaded video format, you will see a new option. Click Download the file. The application will ask us to enter the name of the video downloaded from Facebook and click Save to proceed with the download.
Step 6:

Soon after, the video download process will proceed. After the download process ends, click the Back button on the top right of the interface. At the main interface of the application, select the Media folder. Your download video on Facebook will appear in this section.

Step 7:

You select the video you want to play and select Play to run now, or Save to Camera Roll to save the video collection in the iPhone.

Soon the video will be played. To increase or decrease the sound, you drag the horizontal bar below. To fast forward to the video you want to view, drag the horizontal bar above.

If you want to download YouTube videos to iPhone just follow these instructions: How to get YouTube videos on iPhone with PlayerXtreme Media Player

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