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How to download YouTube videos to your phone?

This is a tutorial on youtube multi downloader on your smartphone without using any software or applications. All you need is a web browser. So, you can see, this way you can download video on all operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Let's start with the following steps:


Step 1. View and copy link youtube to download. Here I use Android to illustrate:

You click the share icon on the video and then select the copy url

Step 2. Go to website: http://en.savefrom.net/ and enter the link and click download. You follow the picture nhé:

See more: http://videomultidownload.com/facebook.html

Hold down the Enter the URL button to paste the paste. Then click on Paste

Click the Download button to get the download link:

Select video quality and download

So you can download videos on youtube to your phone easily. Thank you for watching. If so, do not hesitate to share

See more: http://videomultidownload.com/vimeo.html